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This ballot measure is ultimately about the safety of our families and the quality of life in our community.
Election Update:
August 7, 2014 3:21 pm
Thanks to all the voters who supported this important ballot measure.
The latest election update from the Benton County Auditor's Office shows:
35,554 votes counted with 248 questionable ballots (unsigned or signatures not matching) remaining to be counted. The results will be certified on August 19th.
Approval: 52.69% (18,733 votes)
Rejection: 47.31% (16,821 votes)


*Tri-City Herald editorial board supports the ballot measure.
*Benton County law enforcement announces support of the ballot measure.

*Benton-Franklin Community Health Alliance’s Mental Health Committee announces their endorsement of the ballot measure.
*FIRME encourages support of the ballot measure. Read about the need for gang prevention here.
*Read the latest news about the measure here.

Welcome to the Citizens for Safe Communities official website. We hope the information provided on Benton County Proposition 14-5, the Public Safety Sales Tax, is helpful. It will be presented to voters during the August 5, 2014 primary election. We would appreciate your support. Please use the column on the left to navigate through our site.

This is a much-needed ballot measure to strengthen public safety in Benton County. It is offered to voters only after extensive research was conducted on the county's criminal justice system needs. Those who formally analyzed the issues agree a sales tax in the amount of 0.3% (three pennies on a $10 purchase) is necessary to meet current and future public safety needs. There is no better deal for your money.

This ballot measure is a comprehensive approach to improve public safety county-wide, including specific funding for the cities of Kennewick, Richland, West Richland and Prosser. It will provide for an essential increase in police officers, as well as several other important programs. The measure will expire in 10 years, allowing voters to reassess if it's as necessary then as it is today.

Your support is crucial. You can make a difference by voting to approve this ballot measure on August 5th.

Citizens for Safe Communities

Committee Members
Bill McCurley
McCurley Integrity Dealerships
Bill Lampson
Lampson International
Kris Watkins
President & CEO,
Tri-Cities Visitor &
Convention Bureau
Ana Armijo
Benton County
Superior Court
Paul Warden
City of Prosser

Karen McGinnis
HAMMER Training
Ctr., MSA

Craig D. Eerkes
Sun Pacific Energy

Ken Hohenberg
Police Chief
Andy Miller
Benton County
Josie Delvin
Benton County

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